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Soul Session

This is Spiritual/Intuitive Counseling. The goal of a Soul Session is to help you align more with your True Self so that you can live a more authentic and deeply connected life. You will gain an understanding of your power to let go of things that no longer serve you and to create a loving and soul driven life journey.

intuitive reading

In an Intuitive Reading, I connect with you soul to soul. The focus is on what is going on in your life right now and where you might feel stuck or uncertain about what to do next. Bring your questions or just see what comes forward naturally from your soul. 

Spirit reading

In a Spirit Reading, I connect with the Spirit world to bring you messages from loved ones who have transitioned and bring forward evidence to let you know they are still with you. 

Group reading

Group Readings are for small groups of 6-20 people and held in your own home or a chosen venue in the Los Angeles area. These are fun and can be quite emotional at the same time. They are no different than personal readings except that there are more Spirits to communicate with! Groups of fewer than 10 stand a good chance for a contact for everyone (although there is no guarantee). For groups over 10 it becomes more of a time issue to be able to get to everyone. Group readings have a wonderful energy and whether everyone gets a reading or not, the messages are a beautiful example of the continuation of the soul and the wisdom on the other side.


Events are for more than 20 people. Not everyone is guaranteed a reading but it’s a great way to spend an evening. Whether you are listening to the messages that are received by others or getting one yourself, you will be moved by the efforts that Spirit makes to come through. There is time left at the end for questions and answers. I always welcome skeptics so don’t leave them at home!

For Groups and Events – Please contact me directly at 818-533-1403 so we can discuss location and number of people attending. If outside the San Fernando Valley area, travel costs will apply. Thank you!

Lima Bergmann, PsyD

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