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A Spiritual Mentor and Intuitive Medium dedicated to helping you live in alignment with your True Self so that you can create a more purposeful and soul driven life.

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It wasn’t an ideal start in life. Lima was abandoned by her mother at 6 months of age and during her childhood, her caregivers and family constellation changed 19 times. She attended 12 different schools and moved 25 times before she ran away from home at sixteen years old.

“When you look back at your life, you can find interesting patterns in the sequences of events that give you clues as to why you are here. Your purpose is always cloaked in the lessons you learned, the experiences you created, and the challenges you overcame. It’s shouting at you through the things that give you joy and the ways in which you are moved by others. It’s also staring at you through the things going on in the world that attract your attention. It’s not static though; it changes as you change. Because, as you live your life moving in alignment with your purpose, you are opening up the channels for new passions and opportunities.”

A rough start in life is what gave Lima the strength, dedication and persistence to help others overcome their challenges and find love for themselves. She is proud to be able to help people tune in more deeply to what is already within them.


In her mid-twenties, Lima was in an accident that led to two separate near-death experiences. Her life changed dramatically after that. “When you have a near death experience, you get a glimpse of what’s to come on the other side and a revelation about how to live more consciously on this one.” Before the accident, Lima was letting life happen to her. After the accident, there came a sudden desire and drive to create the life she wanted. As a single mom, and still recovering from her accident, she made the ambitious decision to go to college and get a doctorate in psychology.

“When we’re young, we’re dependent on others for our safety, security, and development. We have basic needs that must be met to become healthy and self-sufficient human beings. If those needs aren’t met, the opportunity to live a soul driven life is stymied as our ego keeps us in a loop of unconscious, repetitive behaviors. What’s hard for most people is understanding their own responsibility for fulfilling those unmet needs.”

Lima is adept at teaching people how to do this. With her extensive background as a psychologist and her ability to intuitively tap into your unmet needs by connecting with you soul to soul, she finds the place where healing begins, leading you to a more soul driven existence.


Unlike some mediums, Lima didn’t grow up knowing she had the ability to speak to the Spirit world. As an adult, she was busy with her career as the Clinical Director for Alameda Family Services and later moved into her own private practice. She worked with people of all ages with a wide range of mental health conditions for over two decades and it was very rewarding. However, during that time she also survived two more near death experiences which opened the door for another major life shift. With the tragic death of her older brother just a few years later, Lima realized she could communicate with the other side.

“Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our routines in life that we neglect to look at the messages and opportunities that are crossing our paths.”

Becoming a medium wasn’t anything Lima had ever thought about. However, experiences with Spirit kept happening and she could no longer overlook the message the universe was sending to her…that she was a Medium. She decided to take action and has studied for years under the mentorships of the most prestigious tutors from the world renowned Arthur Findlay College in the UK: Mavis Pitilla, Chris Drew, Andy Byng and Lynn Probert.


When you live in alignment with your True Self, you realize the power you have to create the life you want to live. Years of studying to become an ethical, properly trained medium put Lima at a crossroads of how to reinvent herself once again. 

“There is no rule that says you have to stay in the same career, look at life the same way, or live by the rules of your past. You have the power to create a new you every single day you wake up. You have the benefit of all you have learned and you have the power to let go of anything that no longer serves you.”

Lima took her years of experience as a psychologist and blended that knowledge of human development with the newfound spirituality and mediumistic abilities she developed to become a Spiritual Mentor and Intuitive Medium.


In her inspirational talk about her NDE’s, Lima utilizes her experiences as examples of a journey to an awareness of the soul. Lima inspires audiences as she spreads hope, healing, and the understanding that we are eternal souls who are here to live a life filled with love and purpose. She gives special emphasis on teaching people how extraordinary life can be when we learn how to manage our fears. She vividly reveals the seamless transition from this world to the other side and the four profound lessons she received each time she returned.

“People are often asked to imagine how they would live if there was no tomorrow. Instead, I like to ask people how they would live if they believed there were endless tomorrows. When you can live without fear of the end, a weight is lifted, you become more conscious of the joy in life, you base decisions on things that matter to you instead of things you think you should be doing. It changes everything.”

Whether she is speaking to the public, working one on one with clients, or sharing messages from Spirit, Lima’s goal is to help people live in alignment with their soul to live a deeper and more meaningful life.


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