Ignite everything inside of you. Pull together the parts of you that have been scattered across this life in the form of everyone else’s voices, opinions and expectations. Get ready to re-story some of those burdensome experiences that keep you tethered to a past identity.  

You are alive, awake and VIBRANT and you’ll feel it when you and I work to clear out all the noise, all the pain, all the patterns that keep you from hearing, seeing, and BEING the YOU that your soul calls to you to be.

Together we will uncover all the whispers and longings and patterns that exist for you so we can design and create a life that you experience as completely and vividly as you can imagine.

Lima was so incredibly helpful in guiding me towards the steps that I know will enhance my life and help me redirect my focus from the darkness of the world to the light and the love. I also now have the tools to speak back to my inner voice in a way that is not aggressive but will lovingly quiet down the noise with a nice answer. I am truly grateful for her wisdom and guidance.


Step into a space of clarity and insight with an Intuitive Reading. This session is your gateway to understanding the subtle messages of your life. As we tap into the intuitive wisdom that lies within you, you’ll gain a fresh perspective on your journey.

This reading seeks to illuminate the path ahead, reveal the hidden threads of your destiny, and provide guidance for the choices that shape your future. My intuitive Readings are not psychic predictions; they are a powerful tool to help you navigate life’s complexities with a newfound sense of direction and purpose.

There is no one quite like her in my opinion. It's was clear how Lima was able to use her expertise as a psychologist and her skills as an intuitive medium to give me such a crystal clear reading. I left feeling so confident in myself and my path. A weight was lifted and, unlike psychic readings I've had, this was way more helpful because I feel in control of my own destiny.


Spirit Reading is where I connect soul to soul with your loved ones in Spirit. This is a beautiful opportunity to allow a loved one to have some time with you to let you know they are still with you and loving you from the other side. 

Most often, people leave a reading with a sense of relief, the comfort of closure, and/or a reconnection to their loved one that brings them peace. There is also a sense of spiritual awareness that comes from receiving a communication from the Spirit world. 

In addition to personal sessions, I also offer group readings and dynamic mediumship events/demonstrations, creating a shared experience and connections that magnify the insights and messages received. These group settings provide a unique and powerful way to engage with spirit, giving comfort and guidance to all participants

I've never believed in mediums. I went to the reading with my girlfriend because she wanted my support. My mind was blown. I had no idea my dad would be able to give me a message through Lima like he did. There's no way she could have known the suffering I've felt since he died for not being there when he passed five years ago. I got to hear something from him, exactly how he would say it to me, and my life is changed forever.


Make a commitment to create real change in your life. The Soulability Mentorship® (relaunching this Fall) is a deep dive into the essence of your being, guiding you to align with the wisdom of your soul. Give yourself permission to step into a life that resonates with your truest self, filled with purpose, passion and profound fulfillment. 

Together, we’ll navigate the intricate balance between ego and soul, develop deep relationships rooted in love, and discover your true purpose, all while exploring the depths of your intuition and unlocking your innermost potential.

Within The Soulability Mentorship, we focus on shedding the weight of old habits, breaking free from limiting beliefs, and rewriting the tragedies of your life into narratives of empowerment and resilience. You’ll connect with like-minded individuals in a nurturing environment, fostering collective growth and individual discovery. 

Lima's "Soulability Mentorship" has been life changing for me in so many ways. I have new practices to meet the challenges of any day. Most importantly, I have found profound healing of issues that have been holding me back from being and living the expression of who I truly am. And now, it's like I have a new life in many respects.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between a Soul Session and an Intuitive Reading?

An Intuitive Reading is for someone who wants just one session to gain clarity about a specific situation or need. Soul Sessions are for people who want to do more regular personal and spiritual development work. 

Is an Intuitive Reading the same as a Psychic Reading?

Yes, that would be a good comparison. However, I prefer to call them Intuitive Readings because I don’t give psychic advice or predictions. If that’s what you feel you need, I am not your person. While I will connect with you on a psychic/soul-to-soul level, my intention is to see what your soul needs, not tell you what is going to happen in your future. I don’t believe it’s helpful for two reasons. 1. I’ve never met a psychic who’s had 100% accuracy, including me, and I would never take a chance that I could be wrong with someone else’s future. 2. The moment someone tells you what they see in your future, they have put a suggestion/hope/desire in your mind that will forever alter your choices going forward. I don’t wish to have that power. I would rather teach you how to use your own intuition to guide your choices than to encourage you to give that power away to someone else.  

How often is The Soulability Mentorship offered?

The Soulability Mentorship is currently set to relaunch in the Fall of this year. Join my email list below to be notified for the early bird pricing when it launches!