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Spiritual Mentor and Intuitive Medium

Meet Lima Bergmann

Founder of The Soulability System® and holding a Doctorate in Psychology, I’m passionate about guiding individuals to live a life that is not only mentally and emotionally sound but also spiritually fulfilling. My mission is to empower you with insights and tools that align with your soul’s purpose, clearing away the obstacles holding you back and turning your deepest aspirations into tangible realities.

I’m a lover of starry nights, heartfelt conversations, and the lifelong exploration of the soul’s evolution. My journey, which blends psychology with spirituality, has spanned nearly three decades, leading to profound discovery and transformation.

My clients gain more than just inner peace and resilience; they experience a profound connection with their soul.  Through inspirational talks, mentoring, and mediumship demonstrations, I bring healing, closure, and a clear path forward for all those I have the privilege to guide.

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You already possess the power to heal yourself;
I'm here to help illuminate the path that lets your inner light shine through.

Individual services


Soul Session

Relieve the stress of “becoming” alone. You don’t have to. Moving forward means letting go of things that hold you back. You might need to push through the resistance, but when you have the power of YOU on your side, you can uncover the real reason you’re here, what you’re meant to do, and how you can most effectively do it, so that your life is no longer something you just “live”, but something you design, create, and experience. Let me guide through that process in your own personal Soul Session.


Intuitive Reading

Let your soul show me where you are stuck and feeling like you need to make changes so I can help you live a life that is completely driven by those things that light you up…in every part of your life. 

In this reading, come with your questions or frustrations. I’ll connect with you soul to soul and help you hear the wisdom of your True Self. 

I don’t believe in predicting the future. My goals is to empower you to create your own. 


Spirit Reading

In a Spirit Reading, I communicate with the souls of your loved ones in spirit to foster a healing connection between you. 

There is nothing more comforting than getting evidence that your loved one is still with you in Spirit. Whether they have words of wisdom to share with you or just a heartfelt hello, the experience of their presence is incredibly healing. 

Experience the meaning of eternal life with a Spirit Reading.


The Soulability Mentorship

Learn about The Soulability System® in Lima's interview with Jack Canfield

Full Year Mentorship Experience

Are you done with the temporary fixes or aha-moments that you can never seem to integrate to make lasting change? Discover the power of The Soulability Mentorship® and transform your life by learning to re-story the pain of the past, fully embrace your present moment, and have the confidence to manifest your future.

In this comprehensive full year mentorship, you’ll learn The Soulability System®, a proven step-by step approach to master your mind, optimize your soul, unleash your love, and live your purpose.

Don’t just wait for life to improve. Take control by reshaping your perspective. Move from a reactionary life, driven by fears and insecurities to an empowered life, rooted in self-love and soul-guided wisdom. It’s time to love who you are, where you’re going, and why you’re here. Let’s discover what’s holding you back.

When you learn to connect deeply with your inner self,
every aspect of your life begins to reflect that harmony and peace.

Soulability Weekly

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Seeking deeper clarity and purpose in your life? Dive into Soulability Weekly – your source for transformative insights, stories, and practical tips. Join us in exploring paths to a more fulfilling and soul-driven existence.


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