Living In Alignment With Your Soul

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Living in alignment

In our quest for self-improvement and spiritual growth, we hear that as human beings, we’re made up of a body, mind, and soul. I interpret the “human” part as comprising the body, and mind, while the “being” part pertains to the soul.

We (all souls on the earth) are being human. When you’re living in alignment, it’s because you’ve become aware that you’re a soul. You’ve also learned how to balance the needs of your ego with the values of your soul.

This duality reflects your earthly existence and your spiritual essence. While you navigate life’s physical challenges through the body and mind, the nature of your true self, the soul, is a gateway to deeper fulfillment, understanding and inner peace.

The soulability system

Through my personal experiences and professional work as a psychologist and spiritual mentor, I’ve developed “The Soulability System®. It’s a transformative approach to living that aligns you more closely with your soul’s essence. This system is grounded in psychological and spiritual development principles and is structured with four key pillars: Suspend Your Ego; Optimize Your Soul; Unleash Your Love; and Live Your Purpose.

Each pillar represents a fundamental aspect of your being. As you increase your awareness of each of them, you experience a life of harmony, joy, and profound purpose. In this blog post, I’ll introduce you to these pillars, offering insights and practices to help you live a soul-driven life.

suspend your ego

The ego is the part of your mind that thinks it’s you. It’s often seen through a negative lens, portrayed as the source of selfishness and separation. However, it’s also recognized for its essential role in your psychological development and survival. It helps you navigate the physical world and ensures your basic needs are met.

If all goes well from infancy into young adulthood, you’ll move smoothly through your psychological and spiritual development. However, you’re not alone if you experienced one (or more) traumatic events in your past that created some form of resistance to moving forward on your soul journey.

The work for this pillar seeks to remove the resistance and untangle those knots from the past. These knots primarily take the form of fears. You do this by:

  1. Becoming the master of your thoughts, 
  2. Learning different ways to soothe yourself when times are tough, and 
  3. Rewriting your life story so that you are the true hero of your narrative. 

Feeling "stuck"

In the absence of these skills, people end up feeling “stuck” in life. Getting unstuck means letting go of who you thought you were (the ego) and making room for who you truly are (the soul).

This is achieved through self-awareness—recognizing when your ego-driven behaviors are hindering your spiritual growth and learning to modulate them with love and compassion.

  • Practice: Start by observing your reactions to challenging situations. Our reactions are the signposts for our fears. They signal us to the areas of personal development we need to focus our attention on. Engage in daily practices that help you observe your thoughts, and examine the beliefs those thoughts are supporting that contribute to your triggers.  

By understanding the ego’s true role, you can transform it from a tyrant into a servant for your soul.

"Taming your ego doesn't mean diminishing its power, but directing its strength to elevate your soul."

Optimize your soul

Your soul is the True You.

Once you’ve learned to peel back the layers of societal conditioning and personal history your true self is revealed and you’re ready for a deeper connection to your soul. Your journey involves discovering, connecting, and expanding your higher self which is so much more than what you may have been told or came to believe all your life.

In this process you shed what no longer serves you, discover your preferred way of being, expand your consciousness and trust your intuition to guide you. You understand that the present moment is where your soul resides. This is where you find inner peace.

This pillar of The Soulability System is the spiritual foundation that leads you to observe, listen, feel and know yourself on a deeper level.

  • Practice: Learn to trust and act on your intuition. Implement regular practices that foster a deep connection with your soul. These might include sitting in solitude, nature walks, journaling or creative expression. Daily practice will provide space for your soul to speak to you, offering guidance and clarity.

"Living a soul-driven life doesn't create a path devoid of obstacles, but encourages us to walk our path with our soul as the compass, guiding every step and misstep with purposeful grace."

Unleash your love

Your soul is pure love. YOU are made of love and you’ll feel yourself in alignment with the force of the universe every time you’re able to view your world through the lens of love instead of fear.

After you work on the reactions of your ego and connected more deeply with your soul in the first two pillars, you arrive at your personal playground to practice BEING love.

You’ll learn to switch your perspective and conditioned habits from disempowering, to empowering. Love is power and life is full of relationships to practice holding onto the power of your love.

The first relationship to love is the one within yourself, then with others, and ultimately the world. The more you see the world through the lens of love, the more you will seek to give love and encourage loving kindness in the world around you. That is the seed for all the positive changes that we seek.

Remember that the world you see is a reflection of how you see yourself. That’s why we say that real change comes from within.

  • Practice: Practice unconditional love for yourself and others through acts of kindness, daily gratitudes, and allowing your inner child to come through. Look for the love in every interaction, even the hard ones. Practice seeing your world from a loving perspective instead of focusing on all that is wrong with it. Consider standing FOR things instead of AGAINST them and see how that can feel better and produce more positive outcomes.

Live Your Purpose

Living in alignment with your soul ultimately leads to discovering and fulfilling your purpose. This is not just about career or external achievements, but about how you contribute to the world and express your unique gifts.

In this pillar you discover your innate gifts and talents and learn how to develop and nurture them in a way that brings you the most joy and fulfillment. When you align with your soul, your actions naturally orient toward being of service to others. This could be through your career, volunteer work, or simply how you interact with others on a daily basis.

Your purpose will change and evolve along with you. So there is no right or wrong answer as you search for your purpose. Not surprisingly, though, it’s always more obvious to you when you are living more consciously. 

  • Practice: Not everyone has the opportunity to have a job or career that they feel aligns with their purpose. However, there are always ways to incorporate your purpose into your daily life. It’s not always found in grand gestures, it’s more often found in small everyday actions. What actions can you take? How can you change your perspective on what it means to live your purpose?
infographic of the soulability system


  • The four pillars of The Soulability System – Ego, Love, Soul, and Purpse aren’t steps to be completed but ongoing processes to be integrated into everyday life. Each one offers a unique contribution to your journey toward a more soul-driven life.

As you deepen your understanding and practice of each pillar, you’ll find yourself living more authentically and in greater alignment with your soul.

However, you’re human, and life is meant to challenge you to grow. There are times the ego will tantrum like a two year old to get its needs met. There are times when your world might seem like its falling apart and you’ll wonder why it has to be so hard. You’ll re-experience things you thought you already worked through, but maybe not as deeply as you could.

And that’s all okay. Take deep breaths and love yourself through it all because you will go on again. Therein lies your growth. If life moved in a straight line there would be no opportunity to evolve, would there?

The good news is that the more confident you become about who you are…

  • The more you learn to love yourself,
  • The more clarity you have about why you’re here and where you want to go, and
  • The smaller the window of time you’ll find yourself at the mercy of your ego.

You’ll know how to bring yourself back into alignment with your soul.

One Final thought

It’s easy to feel at peace when you’re basking in the alignment with your true self and things are flowing smoothly. Interestingly, it’s quite possible to find peace when you’re in the midst of an ego driven experience, struggling with resistance, or experiencing a sadness that needs time to heal.

It’s all a part of your journey to evolve into a more conscious and loving being. Be kind, be patient, and be respectful as it flows through you, and know that you are perfect just the way you are. There’s peace in that.

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