Kind Words

I consider it a gift to work with each person
who comes to me for inspiration, guidance,
clarity, and/or messages from
their loved ones.

Here are some kind words from some of
the wonderful souls I have had the
pleasure to work with.

“Lima gave me an incredible reading full of evidence of connection to my loved one with bang on accuracy with regards to them and their personality and life. The reading was also full of special insight into things I am going through in my own life. She picked up on my concerns and difficulties and brought through solutions to help me move forward easily.”

N. Newman, Canada

“I had such and emotionally wonderful experience today when Lima called forth some facts and events that only I know about and helped me process them. She brought some insights to the forefront that coincided exactly with the way I’ve been feeling the last couple of months but couldn’t put words to. Lima helped me form a plan to move the “stuck” energy that I’ve been experiencing. Her extensive background in psychology gives her additional insight to help encourage, uplift and move a client forward.”

Renee E., Michigan

“My reading with Lima was an absolutely lovely experience. Not only is she a gifted medium who is open to whatever guidance needs to come through, but she is also an incredibly kind and pure spirit and is genuine and loving in her delivery. I had a phone session and it was fascinating, fun, and calming to have Lima use her gifts to share what my grandmother, whom Lima called by name, wanted me to know. I’m grateful Lima trusts herself enough to bless this world with her gifts and her ability!”

K. Franke, Colorado

“Lima came to my home recently to do readings for a small group of family and friends. She was able to contact my sister and mother. I was blown away by her accuracy. She mentioned so many details that she would have had no way of knowing. It was such a moving experience.”

P. Bushman, Los Angeles

“At the beginning, Lima began to get impressions and images from my dad and shared them. What surprised me was how specific the images were, like a place where I used to go to as a child that I hadn’t though of in years; a gift my dad had given to me years ago, and the answer to a question that I hadn’t asked anyone! I felt such peace after the reading. I knew my dad was in a good place and I also was sure that he continued to watch and encourage me from death just as fiercely as he had in life!”

K. Shieban, Ohio

“I was lucky enough to be included in a group reading. It was my first time but Lima instantly made me feel at ease. One thing after another lead to more discoveries and positive messages from loved ones. The most incredible one was a sibling of one of my best friends. She had a beautiful message for her…and hit the nail on the head. I love that Lima has the knowledge of a psychologist and the heart of a medium. Who better to interpret communications through loved ones?”

S. Mason, Los Angeles

“I have never had a reading before and had no real expectations, but I’ve always been curious what it would be like. I was very impressed with the contact Lima made and the details that were given. But, what effected me most was when she felt my dad come through. I was totally surprised, I guess because I wasn’t expecting it! The message from him, she told me, was exactly what my mom has been saying to me for years that HE would say to me if he were here! Wow. Gave me chills.”

J. Locke, Florida