Taking Action To Find Purpose

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From Action To purpose

When my youngest went off to college, it was time to take action and decide whether or not I was going to return to a full time private practice. 

The idea didn’t excite me. I really loved being a part time psychologist. I was able to give myself fully to the clients I had instead of spreading myself too thin with a full time caseload. However, I had a strong desire to do something new on the side to find what else might fill my heart. 

So I brainstormed all kinds of ideas, listed the pros and cons, and visualized each idea as if it was already my reality. I felt a bit stuck and then it occurred to me that I wasn’t going to know which one was the “right” one until I actually tried to put them into action.

Action is the bridge between a life of wishful thinking and a life of meaningful pursuit. Cross it, and you step into the realm of purpose.

Who do you need to become?

Before I began, I researched what traits successful entrepreneurs had (since that seemed like the direction I was headed). I wanted to know what I needed in my personal toolkit before I started my journey. I’m all about having a good plan when venturing into uncharted waters.

Here’s the list of traits I gathered from some entrepreneur magazines, books and journals:

  1. Successful entrepreneurs crave learning. They keep up with what’s new and read about the successes of others to motivate and challenge themselves.
  2. They’re visionaries. They’re curious about the future and imagine how their ideas will play out. They also take action even if other people can’t see their vision.
  3. They take risks. Not just blind, careless ones, but calculated ones. They tolerate uncertainty and follow their intuition.
  4. They understand that failure is a part of success. It’s not about how often they fail, it’s about how often they get up and try again.
  5. They’re determined. They don’t let naysayers tell them what they can’t do.
  6. They’re passionate and have an intrinsic drive to succeed.
  7. They’re self-disciplined. They create their own momentum and are unafraid to get help when they need it.
  8. They’re confident. They see opportunities where others see challenges.
  9. They’re highly adaptable
  10. They manage their fears. They have confidence in their ability to face adversities and they hold onto that belief when they need it..

It turns out that my biggest takeaway from the list is that the traits that make a happy and successful entrepreneur are also traits that create a happy and meaningful life. They underscore a profound alignment with living a soul-driven life where every challenge is a stepping stone to personal growth.

Purpose isn't found in the quiet contemplation of what might be; it's carved out of the actions we take and the paths we dare to tread.

Make space for the unexpected

Now, my own story ended up taking me in a direction I didn’t expect at all. Instead of sitting around wondering what I might have success at doing (and talking myself out of most of them), I started doing random things that interested me to see where they led!

A few things I dabbled in were commercial acting, network marketing, coaching parents on raising child actors, creating a course for homeschooling parents, hand analysis, and corporate speaking. And while I did have some fun, learned new things, met new friends, and even enjoyed a bit of success in some of those areas, nothing was lighting me up.

Then, out of nowhere, I learned I had the ability to be an intuitive medium. I didn’t even believe it for well over a year. I just kept minimizing it …until it got too big to ignore. When I chose to open up to it, I realized it was exactly the kind of exciting endeavor I had been looking for all along. I couldn’t believe how much I felt in alignment with my purpose. 

putting the pieces together

Looking back, the decision not to return to full-time practice was a catalyst for a richer, more fulfilling professional life. I now blend psychology and spirituality together in a beautiful way that moved me away from diagnoses and treatment plans to examining my client’s soul path and where they’ve gotten stuck on it.

Out of this, I created an online mentorship teaching The Soulability System to people who are longing to live a more fulfilled and soul driven life.  I honestly believe that this beautiful expansion was a door that opened for me simply because of taking the leap to explore all those other random ideas.

It’s not the search for the perfect fit, it’s taking the risks to see what doesn’t fit that brings you to places you never dreamed of.  

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Whether you’re contemplating a career change or exploring new hobbies, remember: Action is the first step towards transformation. It doesn’t even matter what action you take, you’re going to learn incredible new things about yourself in the process. You’ll narrow things down, find new and unexpected opportunities, and start to see what feels in alignment with your soul and what doesn’t.

Review that list above and let it inspire you to take action!

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