Soul to soul with your loved ones in spirit:

Whether you need to experience the feeling that they are still with you or you need to have some closure that you are missing, walk away with the healing, peace and love that you will feel from your special connection.

The moments when you can stop resisting life, you will remember that you are a soul.
When you remember you are a soul, you trust that life will work itself out.

types of readings

Spirit Reading

Connecting with the soul of your loved one in Spirit

Spirit Reading is where I connect soul to soul with your loved ones in Spirit. This is a beautiful opportunity to allow a loved one to have some time with you to let you know they are still with you and loving you from the other side. 

Most often, people leave a reading with a sense of relief, a sense of closure, and a reconnection to their loved one that brings them peace. There is also a sense of spiritual awareness that comes from receiving a communication from the Spirit world. 

Small group Event

share the love

Small Group Events are for groups of 5-8 people (online via Zoom). These are fun and can be quite emotional at the same time. They do not differ from personal readings except that there are more souls in the room to communicate with! Everyone will get either a Spirit or Intuitive reading.

Group readings have a wonderful energy and the messages are a beautiful example of the continuation of the soul and the wisdom on the other side.

Group events

a whole lot of love

Looking for a bonding experience to share with a group of friends, family or colleagues?

Group Events are for over 8 people. Not everyone is guaranteed a reading but it’s a great way to spend an evening connecting with your soul. Whether you are listening to the messages received by others or getting one yourself, you will  be moved by the efforts that Spirit makes to come through.

There is time left at the end for questions and answers. I always welcome skeptics, so don’t leave them at home!

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