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Unlock the Power Of Your Soul

The Soulability

Mentorship Program®

Learn to release yourself from the limitations of your mind and claim the confidence, inner peace and empowerment that come from the guidance of your soul.

This year long mentorship experience will guide you through The Soulability System®, the most comprehensive step-by-step approach to embrace who you are, know why you’re here, and love where you’re going.

Are You Ready To...

live intuitively, intentionally, and invincibly?

path to tree with heart and star


You’re ready to master your mind so you can navigate life’s challenges with clarity and confidence.

You dream of a deep soul connection, where your consciousness is expanded, intuition guides you, and inner peace is your destiny.

You long for the secret to self-love, enriching relationships, and a positive worldview.

You feel a unique purpose within you, waiting to guide your path, manifest abundance, and a desire to share your wisdom with others.

Where do you begin?

step away from old beliefs

there’s no need to hold on to negative stories about yourself

The problem is not you. The problem is a culture that puts more emphasis on our problems than the strengths we possess to overcome them. 

It’s an ego driven world that is striving to become a soul driven haven. Unfortunately, we are easily convinced by our ego that societal norms are the thing we should follow instead of looking within and listening to our souls. 

Each of us holds the power to break free from old habits and outdated beliefs, so we can recognize that there is a better, easier, and faster way to joy, love and peace. Individually, we can transform our lives and collectively guide the world toward the light it yearns for.

The Dweller

You're stuck in painful old stories, making it hard to live in the present. It drains your time, energy and ability to focus.

The Wanderer

You're lost and uncertain about your life's purpose. You often feel like an aimless wanderer with repetitive routines.

The worrier

You manage your life quite well but worry far too much, leading to overwhelm, anxiety and stress.

the stagnant

Despite a good life, you feel stuck. You've hit a plateau and can't seem to take that first step to make the change you desire.

The balancer

You desire personal and spiritual growth, but caring for others and fulfilling obligations leaves no time for yourself.

This doesn't have to be you

The path to the life you wish to live is waiting for you once you master the most important first step.

The Hero

You're the hero of the challenges from your past and live more easily in the present moment.

The adventurer

You know exactly where you're going and have a plan to get there. But, you're also unafraid to shift paths if needed.

The light

You're able to soothe yourself through any crisis. You're confident that you can handle life's challenges with grace.

the seeker

You're excited and curious about life again. You can feel yourself evolving and motivated to go after your chosen path.

The level headed

You see the importance of putting your needs first and you have systems and strategies to manage your time.

inner peace

What you've overcome, what you're innately gifted with, and what you've learned in life are your superpowers.

ignite the light within you

The only way to create a better life is to believe in a better story

> What if instead of trying to “fix” yourself, you learned to know, love and value yourself? 

> What if you traded anxiety and discomfort for acceptance and “being” in the moment? 

> What if you stopped “searching” for love and believed that who you are “is” love?

> What if your meaning and purpose wasn’t something you needed to find but instead embody?  

> What if you had a full year of support to help you transform from the old stories to the new ones? Would you commit to it? 

I Help You To...

Release your fears, Trust your intuition,

Love your true self, And Live your purpose 

By Calming your mind and igniting your soul

imagine if...

you knew exactly how to comfort yourself when you felt defeated, lost, or overwhelmed with fear.

…you knew your true worth and stopped comparing yourself to others.

…you knew how to trust your intuition and allowed yourself to take risks to level up your life.

…you woke up well rested and excited to face the day to manifest the life you want. 

…you knew how to enjoy the relationships in your life with minimal drama and an abundance of love. 

…you knew your purpose and had a plan to live out your dreams and the confidence to act on it. 

Uniquely grounded in psychological and spiritual development theories: The Soulability System® was created to make the journey from ego to soul a step-by-step, easy to follow process anyone can master. 

The Soulability Mentorship®

More than just another self-help course.
This is an actionable, step-by-step live mentorship to help you embrace who you truly are and enjoy the journey of your soul.


Each video lesson in the mentorship is less than fifteen minutes long (audio recordings and transcripts are also included). This allows you to move at your own pace. 

Mentoring Support For Your Transformation

Course   action guide

A key asset to this mentorship is the course Action Guide that reinforces the milestone content. Included are Soul Step exercises, mantras, FAQ’s, and key takeaways.

email    support

Within the course platform, you have a place to ask (private) questions pertaining to any lesson you’re working on. You’ll receive an email response directly from Lima. 

Weekly Mentoring

46 weekly mentoring sessions during the year to support your transformation. Morning or evening options are available to fit your schedule. 

Online Community

Join The Soulability Mentorship community to ask questions, get motivated and inspired, and connect with other like minded people! You don’t have to do this alone.

Student love...

Because of this mentorship, I found victory in my childhood and peace in my choices. I now see I made the best decisions I could have made at the time and I had built an amazing life in spite of the abuse and neglect. Additionally, my relationships with everyone who is most dear to me are now filled with peace and joy. There is no reflection of the old trauma within the light of my life now. This has been huge for me.

I feel more grounded and not reactionary. I am not taking people's comments personally and have taken the higher road. It feels so good not to have my mood or happiness affected by others. I feel calm about the future and I've enjoyed taking the time during this mentorship to just be in the present moment.

I've come away with so many layers of improvement in so many areas of my life. They've all improved dramatically. This is the most important personal development program I have ever been in!

Understanding the importance of forgiveness made a huge impact on me. I realized how I was hanging onto anger and resentment. And I also gained clarity about what I am trying to move toward in my life. The entire mentorship gave me the confidence I needed to follow my passion.


PILLAR ONE: Milestones 1-3
Suspend Your Ego

Your ego is who you think you are. But have you ever thought hard about how you define yourself? You create your reality by the stories you tell yourself.

Master Your Mind

Transform your life by making confident decisions, choosing your thoughts and cultivating healthy habits.

Soothe Your Senses

Experience relaxation and inner peace as you embrace your fears, manage your emotions and find solace through your grief.

Find Your Hero

Rewrite the stories that hold you back and find your inner hero. Get clarity around your beliefs and values.

PILLAR TWO: Milestones 4-6
Optimize Your Soul

Your Soul is who you truly are. Do you feel connected to the True You? Are you listening and trusting your own wisdom?

Clear Your Path

Embrace your soul journey. Allow all of your experiences to be honored with gratitude and forgiveness.

Develop Your Intuition

Deepen and trust your inner wisdom. Live more in the present moment and set your imagination free.

Expand Your Consciousness

Expand your awareness of your higher self without being triggered by your human self.

PILLAR THREE: Milestones 7-9
Unleash Your Love

Your soul is made of love. Your relationships are the practice ground for staying true to your soul instead of being influenced by your ego.

Love Yourself

Connect with the divine spark within you and love yourself unconditionally without perfectionism.

Love Your Relationships

Be authentically you in every relationship. Deepen your connection with others without abandonment fears.

Love Your World

Increase your sense of oneness with the world. View the world through a loving and compassionate lens.

PILLAR FOUR: Milestones 10-12
Live Your Purpose

We all have the same purpose…to serve. How you do that is unique to your stories of triumph, desires, and innate gifts. Your journey is meant to be shared!

Disover Your Gifts

Discover your innate gifts and how you can use them to create your dream life. .

Map Your Vision

Set your intentions and manifest your own miracles as you bring your vision and purpose into reality.

Live Your Bliss

Celebrate the journey of your soul as you embody your authentic truth and inspire others as you shine your light.


Bonus 1

Soulability Journal

The Soulability Journal is your companion for the year as you take this transformative journey moving from ego to soul. With daily soul care practice suggestions, you have what you need to build new habits, consider new perspectives and write new stories as the hero of your life. Your soul will shine brighter than ever before!

Bonus 2

Audio Meditation Music

At the start of each new pillar in The Soulability System you will receive a new piece of meditation music to enjoy. They are great to play as you complete your Soul Step exercises in the Action Guide or to use during your meditation, relaxation, or breathwork.

Bonus 3

Soulability Board

Unlock the power of your journey with the unique Soulability Board, a dynamic twist on the classic vision board. Throughout the mentorship, you’ll be guided on curating images that capture your transformative path, serving as a vivid affirmation of your growth and a manifestation guide for your future aspirations. 

Bonus 4

Free Ticket To "Love Notes From Heaven"

At the start of each new pillar in The Soulability System you will receive a new piece of meditation music to enjoy. They are great to play as you complete your Soul Step exercises in the Action Guide or to use during your meditation, relaxation, or breathwork.

It's Time To Ignite Your Soulability

invest in yourself...

Live by the guidance of your soul instead of the limitations of your mind. You deserve to love who you are, where you’re going, and why you’re here.

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Hear About The Mentorship Experience

ARTIST (Press Play)

Meet Lima Bergmann

Hello Beautiful Soul! I’m the founder of Soulability and the creator of The Soulability System® whose mission it is to help people strengthen their ability to live by the guidance of their soul.

As a  Spiritual Mentor and Intuitive Medium with a doctorate in clinical psychology, I have 35 years of experience helping people achieve psychological and spiritual transformation leading them to a more authentic, loving, and intentional life connected to their True Self.  

I created The Soulability Mentorship for people to work on their personal and spiritual development within a community of others looking to raise their consciousness. This helps people feel more connected and inspired and provides a space for motivation and accountability. Additionally, this approach allows for collective learning, growth, and transformation which has a ripple effect that extends beyond the group and into the world. 💗

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the mentorship start and finish?

The Soulability Mentorship is a one year program. It’s official start date is June 16th. If you sign up after that date, your program year begins on the date of your purchase. It includes a 12 Module course as well as a year of mentoring. Why a full year? A year allows you to work at your own pace through the course content. It allows you time to practice creating new thoughts, beliefs, and habits with the support of Lima and the community. It allows you to practice closing the window of reactions and opening space for more soulful responses. It takes time to do that and one year is going to allow “life” to happen all while you’re practicing to create the life you want and become the person you aspire to be. 

How can I be sure this program will work for me?

Life is about trying new things to see what resonates with us and what doesn’t. That’s why you have a 14 day trial period to see if this is a good fit for you or not. Regardless of your decision, you will have learned something about yourself. So participate full out for those first 14 days and if you decide it’s not for you, you can request a full refund minus any payment processing fees. 

Is this like group therapy?

While The Soulability Mentorship is based on psychological and spiritual principles, the program is not group therapy or any other type of psychotherapy. This is an educational mentorship program for people who want to learn The Soulability System®  to aide them on their personal and spiritual journey. 

I'm already so busy, how much time will this take in my week?

Taking time for your soul care is the most important thing you can do each day to stay healthy all around. You will do well in this mentorship by committing to an hour or two a week (that’s less than 15 minutes per day) but I encourage you to work up to an hour every day (split it up into small bits throughout the day) for your soul care as a general habit and it will eventually become second nature.  What you’ll learn in this mentorship is not just the importance of making yourself a priority, but also how to create the space in your schedule to do that. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day and you get to decide what to do with yours. My hope for you is that soul care is at the top of your list and becomes a non-negotiable time slot in your schedule.  

What is the learning level of this mentorship?

The Soulability System, which is the foundation of this mentorship, is a way of approaching life from the perspective of your soul. I have worked with all kinds of people and the system doesn’t change or need to be adapted to work for them. If you feel stuck in any area of your life and have no system to move through it, you will learn something from this mentorship. 

Who is NOT a good candidate for this program?

The Soulability System requires that you take full responsibility for your life, so you must be ready, willing and able to do that. It’s not for people who have serious mental health issues or people who are in the middle of a trauma or life crisis where more intense support services may be needed. 

How is the mentorship delivered?

You will get access to a platform (portal) that houses the course videos, Action Guides and other resources that are provided throughout the mentorship. You will receive a site tour so that you know how to access everything. It’s super simple to navigate, even a non-techie can do it. There is also a place directly within each lesson to ask a question privately or leave a community comment. You will receive the first module of the course upon enrollment. Then every seven days the next module will unlock in your portal until you’ve received all of them. The weekly mentoring sessions are through zoom and instructions on how to use zoom are also included.  

When are the live mentoring sessions?

The mentoring sessions are provided to help you apply what you’re learning in The Soulability System to your life. When you enroll you’ll be given a choice between two options for your mentoring session (live on Zoom) each week: Tuesdays at 6:30pm PST and Wednesdays at 11:00am PST.  Attending live is recommended but sometimes life happens. Not to worry, the weekly live coaching is  recorded and loaded into the mentorship portal in a timely manner. They are kept in the portal for 30 days so there are always four replays available on an ongoing basis. (They may be edited if I deem a privacy consideration is necessary.) You can learn a lot by listening to the questions of others and how they are applying the Soul Step lessons. 

Still have questions?

Contact support@limabergmann.com and we’ll answer any further questions for you. 

Learn to transform your life from the inside out.

Are you ready to release the things that have been
holding you back?

If you want to create a loving story of who you are, connect to your higher self, unleash your love, and live your purpose, The Soulability Mentorship is designed to help you do that! 

14 Day Trial Period

We’re confident you’ll love The Soulability Mentorship and achieve great results!

We also respect that not every program is a perfect fit for every person. That’s why we offer a 14 day trial period to ensure it’s the right one for you.

Enroll now, give it a solid chance, and if you decide it’s not worth every penny, just email support@limabergmann.com and let us know. As long as you’re within the 14 day trial period, we’ll issue you a refund, minus any payment processing fees. It’s that easy!