Mediumship Myths Unveiled

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Myths Unveiled

Mediumship is wrapped in a shroud of mystery for most people. Some think it’s all about spooky messages and eerie talents and others simply don’t believe it’s real. So let’s take a look at some of the most common myths about mediumship to help demystify it!

  1. There are mixed opinions about whether or not people are born with the ability to be a medium or not. I believe that anyone who is interested should go ahead and give it a try. I didn’t realize I had the ability until about a decade ago. Even then, it took me a couple of years to believe it was real! Once I accepted it, though, I was all in, and I’ve been training and developing my skills ever since. There are a lot of amazing tutors to study from. My favorites come from the Arthur Findlay College in the UK.
  2. “Mediums are scary because they see spirits all day long.” We, like everyone else, need our down time, too. As you develop, you learn how to tune into the spirit world and get clear about when you’re off duty.  You don’t want to be out shopping and see a bunch of spirits following their loved ones around the mall! It’s really not like that if you set clear boundaries. I have a meditation I do just before I start a sitting. It lets the spirit world know I’m ready to work with them, and, voila, there they are! 
  3. “Mediumship invites negative energy.” A couple of my family members are concerned that I’m playing with the devil. I don’t believe in the devil, so that’s not a fear of mine.  I also don’t believe I have to protect myself from “negative energy.”  I invite love and light to come forward and that’s what has always happened in my work. Some psychics or mediums like to do protective practices before they begin and that’s fine for them. It’s just not something I find necessary. I think, because of my own near death experiences, I feel absolute love whenever I connect with the spirit world. 
  4. “Mediums know everything about your life.” Mediums connect with the spirit world to convey messages, but they’re not omniscient. Within a conversation with your loved one, yes, they will learn things about you and your relationship. However, it stays very relevant to the reading. 
  5. Finally, the idea that all psychics are mediums. Not exactly—these are distinct capabilities. A psychic focuses on a soul to soul connection with you. A medium is focusing on a soul to soul connection with your loved one in spirit. Mediums must raise their energy to a higher plane than psychics do, in order to connect with the spirit world. So all mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums. 

"Mediumship offers a tender whisper from the past, affirming that love knows not the bounds of time or space."

Facts and Insights

Now, let’s establish some facts. Mediumship involves communication with people in spirit and they provide evidence of this contact. The evidence can take a variety of forms. Some mediums are really great at knowing a spirit’s name. Others might tell you about a letter your loved one wrote to you that you still keep under your pillow.

Some mediums are great at understanding how your loved one passed. Others give you a clear picture of what your relationship was like with your loved one. Many mediums will do all of this but like anything else in life, your reading will be as unique as the medium you’re getting it from. 

Additionally, mediums get their information from the spirit world in different ways and that, too, is specific to the medium. Generally, there is a blend of the different senses that mediums are attuned to such as seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, etc. These senses act as the conduit for the connection. For many, it’s as simple as a ‘knowingness’ of what the spirit wants you to convey to your sitter.

Some mediums prefer to use tools or rituals to aid their connection, like tarot cards or tea leaves. So, you could go to two different mediums and have a totally different experience with each one. There are so many variables, not unlike any other profession.

"Engaging with a medium can turn the page of grief to a chapter of peace, bringing solace to hearts in silent yearning."

The right fit

If you happen to see a medium and aren’t happy with your experience, it’s quite possible that the medium just wasn’t a good fit for you. There are rare occasions where a medium may not be able to connect with your people. If it happens, a good medium will be honest with you and refund your money. They may also give you a referral to someone else who might be a better fit.

So don’t be dismayed if this happens to you, it means nothing regarding your relationships to your loved ones. It’s like going to a therapist and deciding they aren’t a good fit for you, so you try someone else. 


So there you have it, I hope that gave you a few answers to some of the mysteries of mediumship. Mediums are just regular people who have an ability that most would say is a gift of love. Before I became a medium, I didn’t realize how healing it is to give messages to people from their loved ones in spirit. I’m still in awe of the experience after each soul I am blessed to connect with.

So whether you seek comfort, closure, or a moment of connection, the right medium is out there for you and waiting to bless you in this very spiritually, loving way. If you’re interested in a reading with me, click here

"Through the gentle art of mediumship, we are reminded that every goodbye is laced with the promise of another hello."

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