“Lima is an entrancing, fascinating and powerful speaker. I have never seen people so animated, lingering and connected as I did that night. Her energy transformed the space we were all in and we were all high from it. I could see it on the faces of those folks who stayed and talked and huddled close with her and with each other. Brava!”

Terri Cooper, M.A. , LMFT

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Dr. Lima Bergmann is a Spiritual Mentor and Intuitive Medium. Trained as both clinical psychologist and intuitive medium, this unique combination of expertise and abilities makes her adept at helping people achieve psychological and spiritual transformation. Her passion is to guide people through a process toward a more joyful life in alignment with their True Self.

With over two decades as a practicing licensed psychologist, Dr. Bergmann worked with a wide range of mental health conditions with people of all ages, in both private and group practices. She was also the Clinical Director of Alameda Family Services in Northern California. Upon moving to Los Angeles to support her daughters’ acting careers, Dr. Bergmann went into private practice developing a niche working for clients in the entertainment industry.

Unlike some mediums, Dr. Bergmann did not grow up knowing she had the ability to speak to the Spirit world. It wasn’t until the tragic death of her older brother that she came to realize her ability. Additionally, Dr. Bergmann had her own near death experiences that awakened her to the world of Spirit communication and her work from then on transitioned naturally from traditional therapy into spiritual development.

Dr. Bergmann trained as a medium at the Arthur Findlay College in the UK and has had ongoing mentorships by their most highly respected and world renowned tutors. 

Dr. Bergmann holds the following credentials and certifications:
*Doctorate of Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology
*Certified Mindfulness Coach

Speech Topics

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An Inner Journey To Happiness

People spend a lot of time searching for happiness instead of understanding happiness is not something to seek but, instead, something you choose to become. Happiness is a choice that comes from within. This one hour talk will walk you through five crucial elements needed to move into a place of true inner happiness. Lima’s four near death experiences are used as examples of how the journey toward true inner happiness unfolded for her and how they separately correlated to all of the elements she will discuss.

What to Expect

This talk can be given in 30 minute, 45 minute, or one hour blocks of time.
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Ease Your Story

It’s normal for us to hold onto painful or frightening events from our past as a way to protect ourselves from re-experiencing a similar situation. However, this can backfire on us because doing so prevents us from living fully in the present. This is a presentation to help people let go of the way they experience painful stories from the past. It’s a way to finally set down the baggage we carry, from our past into our present, so that we can live a happier life with more clarity and purpose.

What To Expect

This is a lecture that shows people step by step how to rewrite painful events from the past. It can be done in 45 minutes or in one hour. This content can also be a two to four hour experiential workshop.
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Discover The True You By Embracing Your Fears

An ever increasing number of people are looking for ways to live deeper, more meaningful lives in connection with their soul. However, the transition to living a more soul centered life can be difficult if you aren't clear about what's holding you back. This talk helps people understand what their fears are trying to tell them and how using fears as clues for our growth can lead us on a path toward an alignment with our True Self.

What To Expect

This is a talk that can be done in 20-30 minutes but lengthened to one or two hours when experiential elements are included.
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“Lima has an extraordinary way of weaving words with heartfelt emotion, clarity and wisdom to help educate and guide. Her sense of compassion and empathy envelop the audience and evoke unequivocal attention as she shares her experiences and teachings with commitment and passion.”


Colby Rebel,
Colby Rebel Spirit Center, Los Angeles


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