Living In Alignment With The True You

I’m sure you’ve heard that as human beings we are made up of a body, mind and soul. 

I look at the “human” part as the body and the mind and the “being” part as the soul. 

We (all souls on the earth) are being human. 

When you’re living in alignment, it’s because you’ve become aware that you are a soul and have learned how to balance the needs of your ego (the part of your mind that thinks it’s you) with the values of your soul (the True You).

You are able to look at the world through a lens of love more than fear.

And you have a good idea about how you want to use the gifts you were given in this lifetime to serve others. 

Getting there is a matter of observing your thoughts and feelings, releasing things that no longer serve you, and practicing your preferred way of being. Living in the present moment becomes much more normal for you.

You’ll also need to learn to love yourself through the process, which is often the hardest part for people to do. 

Remember that the world you see is a reflection of how you see yourself. That’s why we say that real change comes from within. 

In a nutshell: When you love yourself… you see the world through that lens of love…which puts you more in alignment with your soul… because your soul IS love.

So what does it take to live more in alignment with the True You?

It takes time, commitment and practice to exist in this world of humans while remembering that you are an eternal soul. The good news is that the smallest of efforts can reap rewards that will motivate you to keep moving forward.

When I say time, I mean at least 30 minutes a day meditating, journaling, or practicing mindful behavior.

When I say commitment, I mean sticking with the idea that you are going to become completely responsible for your own happiness, well-being and purpose. 

When I say practice, I mean taking what you learn about yourself from that 30 minutes a day and actually applying it to your daily existence. 

When I mentor people in Soul Sessions on their soul journey, I like to break things down into FOUR PILLARS: Your Ego, Your Soul, Your Love and Your Purpose.

Strengthening these pillars gives you a solid foundation for living in alignment with your soul. 

your ego

The part of your mind that thinks it’s you.

Sometimes the ego gets a bad rap, but this part of you is responsible for helping you to survive in this physical world. It’s an important part of your psychological development and helps you get your basic needs met as you grow.

If all goes fairly well from your infancy into young adulthood, you will move smoothly from your psychological development into your soul development that follows. However, a number of factors, like parenting, education, culture, social experiences, traumatic experiences, etc. can affect your psychological development in a way that creates resistance to moving forward on your soul path.

The work on this pillar seeks to remove those bumps in the road, which primarily take the form of fears. When our basic needs have not been met, it can be scary and/or confusing to allow the change that’s necessary to move along in our development. This is what causes that “stuck” feeling. Getting unstuck means letting go of who you thought you were and making room for who you truly are.

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Discover The True You by Embracing Your Fears

your Soul

This is the True You.

Your journey to becoming aware of the true nature of your soul means that you have removed most of those bumps in the road from your past and are now looking at the true nature of who you are. You are becoming aware that there is more to you than what you’ve been told all your life. You are determining your own values and are learning to create the life you want to live instead of just existing in it. You are more comfortable listening to your instincts instead of old stories from your past.

You know there is more to life; you want to feel more deeply, manifest more efficiently, and feel more at one with yourself and others.

Strengthening this pillar is more spiritual, as you begin to observe, listen, feel, and know on a deeper level.

your Love

Your soul is made of love, and you will find yourself in alignment every time you are able to view your world through the lens of love.

You know you’re a soul, you’ve worked on defining your values, but you are strengthening this pillar by practicing living in a way that is true to who you’ve come to realize you are. It’s all about learning to switch your perspective on things from the ways you may have habitually fallen into before, to a more loving and present experience.

The more you see the world through the lens of love, the more you will seek to give love, and encourage loving kindness in the world around you. That is the seed for all the positive changes we seek. We each hold a great responsibility to find this within ourselves and from there, to help others to find it too.

your purpose

Your purpose becomes more evident to you when you are living more consciously.

This is the pillar where you seek to serve others more often than you seek to get your own needs met (because you have already figured out how to authentically do that for yourself). You are good at living in alignment now and seeking ways to help others do the same, in whatever way your own unique gifts express themselves easily through you.

Strengthening this pillar means finding out what those unique gifts are and serving others by putting them to good use.

learn to love the bumpy ride

Being in alignment is not a permanent state of being, though, because you exist here on earth and the human part of you is going to get in your way now and then.

You’re going to have times in your life where your ego will tantrum like a two-year-old to get its needs met. You’re going to have your world feel like it’s falling apart once in a while and wonder why it has to be so hard. You’re going to re-experience things you thought you had already worked through, but maybe not deeply enough.

And that’s okay. You have to just take a break and feel all the feelings, allowing them to pass through you. When you’re done with your tantrum or your tears or a combination of both and you’ve taken time to breathe and love yourself through it all, then you’ll go on again. Therein lies your growth.

This is where you are doing the dance of balancing the needs of your ego with the desires of your soul. If life just moved in a straight line, there would be no opportunities to evolve.

So now and then, your ego will call on you for some attention to work through something important, or is in need of some nurturance, understanding and compassion. When you give it that, you move yourself back into alignment again. And the good news is….

…that timeframe of catching on to the tantrums of your ego shortens with your increased awareness and continued practice of living more in alignment with your soul. The clearer you are about what you value and what you’re here for, the more empowered you are and the easier it is to know when something feels out of balance. You can then take a step back, observe your thoughts and feelings, and notice what it is that’s calling for your attention without judgement, shame or blame.

forward and Backward and forward again

Remember that your soul journey is not a linear process. Challenges in life can push you back, and spiritual, loving, inspirational experiences can catapult you forward. You can’t really control that part of life.

What you can do is control the way you perceive your experiences. Understanding that the push and pull and the falling and getting back up again is normal and how we evolve helps you find your alignment again much more quickly.

Think of life like a video game. If it’s all easy, it’s no fun to play. When you master a certain level, you know there will be new challenges ahead to work through. So the next time the ghost gets your pac man, it means that you are moving towards a new level of consciousness and it’s all good.

Keep in mind, too, that the game is never over. You don’t have to race to get to the end because there is no end. Take the pressure off of finding the right path or wrong path, because every path contains a valuable lesson. Just enjoy the experience of being YOU.

Finally, it’s easy to feel at peace when you are basking in an alignment with your true self and things are flowing smoothly. Interestingly, it’s quite possible to find peace when you are in the midst of an ego outburst, a feeling of resistance, or a sadness that needs time to heal. It’s all a part of your journey to evolve into a more conscious and loving being. Be kind, be patient, and be respectful as it flows through you, and know you are perfect just the way you are. There’s peace in that.

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As a Spiritual Mentor and Intuitive Medium with a doctorate in clinical psychology, Lima helps people live by the guidance of their soul instead of the limitations of their mind.

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