The True You

What does it mean to know the True You?

You’re at the place where your negative self talk is at a minimum. Even when you catch yourself you know how to stop and look for the evidence in what you’re trying to make yourself believe.  You also know how to redirect the thought into something more helpful or insightful.

You have examined all the negative loop tapes in your mind. You’ve found the starting point to those stories and done enough editing that they just don’t effect you anymore. You realize you are not a victim of your past but a champion of your future.

You know how to live in the present moment.

Your own values and beliefs are clear to you and you live your life according to them.

You don’t need the reassurance of others to define who you are. You don’t judge others easily or harshly or get wrapped up in blaming others for your own feelings. You know you have the power to change your feelings with your thoughts.

You trust your intuition and are open to signs from the universe that help you navigate your life.

You aren’t desperately looking for love because you know the unconditional love of your True Self. Instead you are seeking people to join you on your life journey to learn with, to laugh with, to love and to share your life with. You can enjoy the times of solitude in your life because you know you are never truly alone.

You have confidence to face the challenges in life knowing that they are there to help you grow and evolve. Even if you are knocked down or take a wrong turn, you have confidence to know you will find your way again.

You are totally aware that you have the power to create your own reality. You know your life purpose and you have a way of looking at the world through a lens that is clear and defined toward your purpose.

You are full of energy because you have clarity about who you are, what you want from life and how you want to serve others.

With clarity…wealth, love, and happiness are found with less effort. You are open to seeing the signs of your desires open up right in front of you.

Once we are able to live more in alignment with our True Self, the more we seek to make the world a better place for others.










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