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THE TRUE YOU will take you through the system I use to help you connect with your Higher Self. It is the part of you that is at the core of who you really are and how you present yourself to the world in your most authentic way.

Connecting to your Higher Self allows you to live with a clearer mind, heart and soul.

Your mind becomes clear of the clutter you’ve been carrying around for years that gets in the way of being truly happy and fulfilled.

You find the connection between your ego self and your Spirit and realize that life is more about the journey than the destination.

You are stronger because you are clear about who you are, what you want from your relationships and what you have to give.

Your purpose becomes obvious to you and you are able to make choices much easier because you know what it is you want in life and what you have to offer the world.

You feel what it’s like to flow in life and all decisions you make, whether spontaneous or well thought out ahead of time, are in alignment with your purpose.


PSYCHIC MEDIUMSHIP services will give you options about which type of connection you would like me to make with you and/or your loved ones in Spirit.

Working as a psychic I connect with you soul to soul.

Working as a medium, I connect with the soul of your loved ones.


TRADITIONAL THERAPY services for life transitions, parenting concerns, grief/loss, self-confidence, couples issues. Limited to California residents only.