Meet Dr. Lima Bergmann

As clinical psychologist and psychic medium, Dr. Bergmann has a rare combination of expertise and abilities helping people achieve psychological and spiritual transformation. Guiding people through a process toward more joyful lives in alignment with their soul purpose is her passion.

With over two decades as a practicing licensed Psychologist, Lima has worked with a wide range of mental health challenges with people of all ages, in both private and group practices. She also spent time working for the juvenile justice system conducting psychological assessments on inmates. Before moving to Los Angeles, Dr. Bergmann was the Clinical Director of a major community mental health organization in Northern California. Once in Los Angeles, Lima returned to private practice and developed a niche working for clients involved in all aspects of the entertainment industry. As a parent of two child actresses, she wrote a parenting guide called, Your Amazing Itty Bitty Raising Child Actors Book.

Unlike some mediums, Lima did not grow up knowing she had the ability to speak to the spirit world. It wasn’t until the tragic death of her older brother (who subsequently communicated with her from the other side) that she came to recognize this was something she felt a driven purpose to pursue. Lima has trained under some of the most highly respected and world renowned tutors from Arthur Findlay College in the UK **, including Mavis Pitilla, Chris Drew and Andy Byng.

With her signature talk, which focuses on her own four near death experiences and how they changed her life, Lima inspires audiences as she spreads hope, healing, and the understanding that we are eternal souls who are here to live a life filled with love and purpose. She gives special emphasis on guiding people to an understanding of how extraordinary life can be when we learn how to manage our fears. She vividly reveals the seamless transition from this world to the other side and the four profound lessons she received each time she returned.

After Lima’s experiences on the other side and her awakening into the world of Spirit communication, her work transitioned naturally from traditional therapy into spiritual development. She is known for working with people in a lighthearted way bringing humor and optimism to people’s lives as she guides them toward the unfoldment of their true selves.

Lima currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband Reid, a retired attorney. Together they raised two amazing daughters, Lyndsy and Hannah.

Credentials –
*Doctorate of Psychology from the California School of Professional     Psychology
*Certified Mindfulness Coach
*Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner
*California Emergency Response Team (CERT) member

**Arthur Findlay College is the world’s foremost college for the Advancement of Mediumship and Psychic Sciences.

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